Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beer Rumor: Sante Fe Brewing to enter Louisiana

So okay I know it's just a rumor and I won't name my source. It could have just been drunk rambling as well but I was told that Southern Eagle Distributing will be picking up Sante Fe Brewing Company sometime this year. I was also informed no contract has been signed yet but that it is something that will happen. If this is true I have to say great job Southern Eagle! This beer is definitely a great grab!

On a side note I'm really happy to see the distributors as a whole here in Louisiana doing a great job picking up new beers and supporting the craft beer community! We are making progress for sure! Slow but steady!


The Beer Buddha

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Resie Rae said...

Santa Fe brews have become a permanent addition to my beer cooler. You'd think that in a prison town the State Pen Porter would be the best seller, but it's the Happy Camper IPA that sells the best. The Porter is #2 seller, then the Pale, Brown & Java Stout. Chicken Killer is sporadic because I don't have a lot of barley wine customers. This is a hop head town.

It's just too bad my distributor hasn't picked up some of their other beers.