Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Breweries Coming To Louisiana

So I was browsing through the beer list from International Wine and Spirits yesterday in order to bring in some new product to fill ALL the new space I have over at Cork & Bottle and saw something intriguing: two new breweries coming to Louisiana.

I called my sales rep Jared to confirm and sure enough they are just doing the legal stuff required to enter the state. The new breweries are Squatters Pub and Brewery and Wasatch Brewpub both from Utah. Here is the list of beers I saw on the sale list and their links to BA:

Squatters Pub and Brewing

Hell's Keep
Hop Rising Double IPA
Squatters IPA
Outer Darkness RIS

Wasatch Brew Pub

The Devastator Double Bock
*Little Slammers
Polygamy Porter
White Ale

*The one that doesn't have a BA link I couldn't find anything on BA or on their website.

More beer coming to Louisiana!!!! Alright!! Now we need to make sure we keep drinking it all. We need to increase the beer geek population here in Louisiana. We need to recruit!


The Beer Buddha


Mikey said...

"little Slammers" actually isn't the name of the beer it's the nickname of the bottle (7oz). The beer itself is called Classic Lager.


The Beer Buddha said...

THANKS Mikey!!! I was going by the distributors sales list and couldn't find much! You answered my question!



Anonymous said...

Wow....very cool. I'm excited for new brews in Louisiana....and I still haven't made it to Cork & Bottle. of these days.

Roscoe7 said...

Does anyone know where to find Wasatch beers in La right now?