Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Product Review: The Chill Bag

Having worked in a couple of wine stores there was always one thing that was pretty consistent. None of the stores sold gift bags that could keep the purchased product chilled or cold while the customer transported it to wherever it was they were going. I saw this a lot with champagne. People were always calling and asking for chilled champagne and then looking at us oddly when we told them we really didn't have a nice gift bag for them to keep their product cold.  Sure we had items that could keep your product cold but not nice packaging.

Recently I received an email from a company called ChillBag USA. They wanted to send me a sample 6 pack holder that could be used with beer. I have to admit I liked the idea but wasn't really sold but told them to send it anyways.

So I've had a chance to try the bag out and I must say it's pretty cool. As you can see it looks like a clear purse so I spiced it up a bit with some brewery stickers I had lying around. And it holds more than just your average six pack. I had 5 22 oz bottles and 1 750 ml bottle in the bag. Just add some ice and water and it'll keep those beers nice and cold. This sure beats bringing a cooler to those Beeradvocate events when you only have 6 beers!! And it's not really expensive at $11.95.

For those companies that are reading this review this is a no brainer. You can add your own logo to it and I guarantee it would sell! Hey Chan's Wine World and Martin Wine Cellar! This is one you guys should definitely bring in!!

Anyways, check out the Chill Bag I thought it was very cool product and I recommend it to you guys! Just wish I had thought of it first!!


The Beer Buddha

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Anonymous said...

I see that Squall IPA in your little bag. In my opinion, that IPA is better than any other DFH IPA out there.