Friday, March 7, 2014

Courtyard Brewing Facing Issue With City Government

Opening a business in New Orleans can be a pain in the ass.  Opening a brewery can be even more of a pain.  When NOLA Brewing first opened it took months and a member of the New Orleans City Council to step in and get their water turned on.  Yes, you read the properly.  To get their WATER turned on.

Michael Naquin from 40 Arpent Brewing explained that one of the reasons he wasn't opening his brewery in Orleans Parish was because of all the issues he had opening the hair salon he and his wife opened.

Today some tweets from Courtyard Brewing have shown us just what kind of bullshit small business owners must go through to open up shop.

I reached out to the owners for more information so hopefully I can provide you with a little more detail.  But if you wonder why New Orleans only has one brewery perhaps look no further than your own city government.


The Beer Buddha


Anonymous said...

Note to future business owners in NOLA - before you pick your location, GO TO CITY PLANNING. They will tell you what variances to plan for. This is not a CPC issue, CPC enforces hundreds of years of laws that overlap each other. The CZO (yet to be passed)is trying to clear up all of the laws (Disclaimer: the CZO has it's own issues but that's another comment).

I understand the frustration - trust me, but there are ways to work with the city and please don't be surprised that everything is frustrating in New Orleans. Because it always is. You ain't gonna get far by being angry about it. Welcome to New Orleans - you've gotta want it.

Downtown Business Owner.

Travis said...

Yep. I never want to do business in the city if I don't have to. Too many layers of BS as the previous comment showed.