Monday, April 23, 2012


From Tin Roof Brewing:

BATON ROUGE, LA (April 23,2012) - Tin Roof Brewing Co. is kicking off the summer with two very exciting announcements.

 First, the brewery is pleased to launch the very popular Tin Roof Blonde in 12oz aluminum cans. The cans will hit store shelves in the Baton Rouge area starting Tuesday, April 24th.  Other local markets, including New Orleans and the Northshore area, will begin seeing Tin Roof Blonde cans in early May.  
"We’re extremely excited to finally have Tin Roof Blonde in cans” said William McGehee, Tin Roof co-founder.  “Louisiana outdoor activities are heating up, and this beer in a can is the perfect fit.”

 Cans are rapidly becoming a popular package for well respected craft breweries across the country.  They are lighter than bottles, chill faster, and require less fuel to transport.  “Cans are also the most recycled package in the world, and they protect the beer from the degrading effects of light and oxygen," McGehee added. 

Tin Roof is also thrilled to announce their first seasonal offering, Tin Roof Watermelon Wheat.   The American wheat beer is brewed with Louisiana watermelon and is set to release in just a few short weeks.  Tin Roof Watermelon Wheat will be available on draft only for several months this year. 

According to Tom Daigrepont, Tin Roof’s brewmaster, the recipe for the new brew has been in development for several months.  “We’ve worked really hard perfecting this beer,” said Daigrepont.  “We had to experiment with several different yeast strains until we found one that melded just right with the watermelon.”    The brewery credits their commitment to the use of local ingredients as their inspiration for the unique brew.  

Tin Roof Brewing Company was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and began operations in November 2010.  Brewery tours and tastings are held every Friday from 5:00-7:00.  For more information, follow Tin Roof on Twitter, find them on Facebook, or visit

Watermelon Wheat???  Hell yeah!


The Beer Buddha


Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of the 21st Amendment "Hell or High Watermelon" wheat, especially with it in cans for tubing. Hope this can compete :)

Anonymous said...

Watermelon wheat? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.