Saturday, September 17, 2011

POTUS Brewing Co: A Beer Request or How The Beer Buddha Got Arrested By The Feds and Was Never Seen Again

I see three possible scenarios playing out here. Either POTUS Brewing Company will send me a bottle of their beer, I will get no response at all or the Secret Service will be kicking down my door and I will be arrested, waterboarded(with beer please) and never heard from again.

Who the hell is POTUS Brewing you are asking yourself? It's what I am calling our Commander-in-chief's home brew. If you haven't heard already President Obama brews his own beer(a honey ale) at the White House and on occasion busts it out for parties(Superbowl anyone?), dignitary visits or other special occasions. Recently he busted it out when former Marine Corps SGT Dakota Meyer, who was awarded the Medal of Honor, stopped by for a visit.

I saw this story and thought how awesome it would be to try this beer. I'm sure a lot of beer bloggers thought the same thing. But how many of them were dumb(smart?)enough to actually email the White House and request a bottle? Yup, this guy right here.

Despite your politics or your feelings for any President you have to admit it's pretty awesome to have the leader of your country brewing beer. Obviously we know that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson brewed beer but we haven't heard of any recent Presidents doing so. I love it. It brings positive attention to beer. And right now with the serious growth of the craft beer industry this just adds more positive publicity.

I really hope I get some sort of response. It would truly be fun to actually try this beer and hopefully it would create some more dialogue about the importance of the beer industry in the US.


The Beer Buddha

PS Mr. President, You should seriously think about the beer excise tax being lowered. More jobs!


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I can tell you that even the Washington Post's official beer writer (also editor of American Brewer and Mid-Atlantic Brewing News) was unable to "score" a bottle even with a request through official channels.

Don't get your hopes up.

Anonymous said...

I thought o read that a White House chef made the beer, not El Presidente?

Schafer said...

Hopefully his beer isn't as middle of the road as his politics....zing

Hopefully his is as liberal with his use of hops and malts as is liberal with his tax reform policy....double zing.

Conflict zings possibly.

The Beer Buddha said...


Love it!