Saturday, August 13, 2011

Avenue Pub Goes Smoke Free!!!! (sort of)

The issue of smoking in bars and restaurants is a very touchy issue especially here in Louisiana right now. There are a lot of groups out there that are trying to force restaurants(This is a done deal already), bars and casinos to become non smoking. Since I don't smoke I don't see it as an issue but the rights of smokers has to come into play somewhere. It's a pretty serious issue.

My personal belief is that I don't want to have to sit in a room full of smoke especially when I am trying to enjoy a nice craft or import beer. Smoking ruins the better beer experience for not only the non smoker but the smoker as well. My dad quit smoking about 5 years or so ago and swears he can taste his beer better than when he smoked. He must be telling the truth because he now regularly goes out and buys craft beer especially one of his favorites Avery's The Kaiser.

One of my favorite craft beer destinations here in New Orleans, The Avenue Pub is a smokers bar and I put up with the smoking because A) it doesn't bother me too much(until John Coker blows smoke in my face!)and B) No other bar in the city that offers great craft selection is smoke free. My wife on the other hand isn't a fan of the smoking and makes me strip down to my skivvies on the porch when I get home from a night of craft beer appreciation at the Pub.

Today however I received an email from Polly at Avenue Pub that took me by surprise. Here it is(all typos are hers because I'm too lazy to fix them- sorry Polly!!):

The interior of the balcony will be smoke free until 11pm. Even those of us who smoke generally agree that good beer is more tasty in a non smokey room. Smoking will be allowed on the exterior balcony and in the downstairs bar during these times.

If you been in the bar in the past month you have noticed that the pub staff is trying to set a good example when it comes to smoking. Staff is no longer smoking behind the bar and for the most part not inside the pub at all during busy business hours. I'm not saying you wont see a graveyard bartender puff a cigarette or two at 6am....but most of us don't really care at that time of morning anyway:) a lot of us are smokers so its been a real adjustment but we think we are pulling it off with a minimum of crankiness. We know these events are only half measures for those who are really bothered by second hand smoke but we hope those in the muddy middle will come out and support these events as we try to make the pub a nicer place for everyone to enjoy really great beer! If you like appreciate this effort please make sure to say something nice to your bartender. Words of encouragement never fall on deaf ears.

The links are for the Facebook event and we encourage you click on them for more details!

Ommegang Rollout Wed august 17th

NOLA Brewing Cask ale Friday August 19th at 5pm
Blonde ale dry hopped with Zeus & amarillo hops

Friday Sept 9th Bavarian Cask Lager event 5pm
Mahr's Hell, Mahr's Pils , Mönchsambacher Lager

Wed Sept 15th Rare & little known sours tasting ( Zwanze week event)

Friday Sept 16th Cantillon St Lamvinus tapping 5pm

Saturday Sept 17th Zwanze tapping 2pm till

Friday Sept 23rd Bavarian Cask Lager event
Mahr's Bockbier, Mahr's U, Bayer Theinheim Landbier

Friday Sept 30th Bavarian Cask Lager event
Weissenohe Monk's Fest (Eucharius Märzen), Mönchsambacher Lager, Mahr's Pils

Friday Oct 7th Bavarian Cask Lager event
Mahr's Bockbier, Bayer Theinheim Landbier, Mahr's Hell

Friday October 14 Bavarian Cask Lager event
Weissenohe Monk's Fest (Eucharius Märzen, Löwenbräu Büttenheim Kellerbier, Mahrs U

Stillwater Artisanal ale rollout Wed October 19th

October 27th 12 Percent rollout
with Tilquin gueuze and brian Ewing From 12 %

This is great news for us non smokers. We do however need to remember our smoker friends out there and be understanding of the crankiness we may experience. Remember smoker friends we still love you.


The Beer Buddha


Nora said...

Ha haaaaaaaa! I love the picture you selected to go with this post.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I was pretty excited when I got Polly's emails too. We usually like to drink up on the upstairs balcony, but when it's close, we're forced to sit downstairs and it's often pretty smokey. And in this heat especially, it will be nice to have at least a small indoor space to enjoy craft beer without it!