Saturday, April 24, 2010

American Craft Beer Week 2010

For the second straight year we will have an American Craft Beer Week here in New Orleans. ACBW is a celebration of small, independent craft brewers across the country. Here is the current run down of events taking place in New Orleans.

Monday 17th 6pm Avenue Pub Abita Cask Conditioned Ale and tasting

Tuesday 18th Scarlette O'Hara's Beer dinner with NOLA Brewery

Tuesday 18th 7PM Rendezvous Covington Brewhouse Strawberry

Tuesday 18th 6pm Lagers in Metairie Abita Select tasting

Tuesday May 18th 9pm DBA Abita Tasting

Wednesday May 19th Capdeville before and after Wednesday at the Square NOLA and Sierra Nevada tasting

Wednesday May 19th 7PM: Monkey Hill Bayou Teche LA-31

Wednesday May 19th 5pm Bulldog Midcity Abita Select tasting

Wednesday May 19th 7:30pm Mellow Mushroom Covington Abita Tasting

Thursday 20th 7pm Bayou Beer Garden NOLA and Rogue tasting

Thursday 20th The Inn on Bourbon NOLA Tasting

Thursday 20th 7PM Fat Harry's Covington Brewhouse Pontchatrain Pilsner tasting

Thursday May 20th Abita beer dinner TBA

Friday 21st 4pm Steins Deli Stone, Harpoon and other craft beer tasting

Friday 21st 8PM Bruno's (Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan tasting)

Friday 21st 9PM Rocco's (Lazy Magnolia N'awlins tasting)

Friday 21st 10PM Door's Pub (Covington Brewhouse & Bayou Bock tasting)

Friday 21st 7pm Barley Oak NOLA & Anchor Brewing tasting

Friday 21st 5pm Bulldog Uptown Abita Cask

Friday 21st 5pm Bulldog midcity NOLA & Unibroue

Saturday 22nd Avenue Pub All Day paid tasting event. There will be special kegs, multiple casks, beers sent in just for this event.

If you don't see times it's because I didn't see times either and you should contact the bar or brewery. On a side note I find it ironic that the one bar that always wins Best Beer Bar in New Orleans awards ALL the time is not on this list. Their unwillingness to participate in events such as this just solidifies the fact that they DO NOT deserve the title of Best Beer Bar in New Orleans. Do you here me Draft Magazine? Please take Cooter Browns off of your list. Plus their beer list hasn't been updated probably since the late 90s. No seriously, Rickenjacks isn't even around anymore and we don't even get Breckenridge here in New Orleans.


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