Friday, July 4, 2008

Beer Product: Chuggler Mug

So I was checking out a lot of the beer sites I frequently visit and usually I don't click on the ads but when I saw these busty, half naked beauties staring back at me I cracked and clicked. I'm a typical male how could I not click? Look at them!! Yes, yes they are chugging beer and I know I shouldn't be promoting the irresponsible consumption of beer but when hotties like these are staring at you how do you not click on them. Well anyway, by clicking on them I was transported to the site where they sell, get this, beer funnels. You know, those things we made out of parts we found at Walmart or Autozone for less than like a $1. They say that they are the "Ultimate Evolution of the Funnel" and have pictures of drunk coeds using their product to prove it. For a mere $15 you can buy one in black, blue, orange or green and get your drink on!! They even sell T-shirts(for girls only) and even replacement hoses. Well shit, I'm sold since they sell replacement hoses! Anyways, I'll stop teasing them. I'm not trying to make fun I actually think it's a pretty cool idea and wish I had come up with it first. I do have to question why they had to put "Not for use with alcoholic beverages" at the top of the page. What? Not for alcoholic beverages? What the hell is it for then and what are all those coeds drinking in the pictures? Lemonade? Damn disclaimers! That's an argument for a different blog however . Anyways, cool product for those who can't make their own beer funnel and don't mind spending $15 + S/H.

Stay Buddhalicious!



Anonymous said...

I saw this mug at Beerfest on Bourbon Street!! Had to buy one. Cool Product!

Anonymous said...

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