Sunday, September 27, 2015

Palm Coast Getting A Brass Tap

Craft beer bar chain Brass Tap is making its way out to Palm Coast and will be located in the old Palm Harbor shopping center which is being remodeled and will be called Island Walk, Along with many other food and retail outlets Brass Tap will add to the craft beer wasteland of Flagler County.

We didn't have a Brass Tap in New Orleans so I have never been to one but looking at the website it looks like any other corporate owned beer establishment. I'm sure based on their size they will have access to some rare, specialty beers being brought to the market.

The food menu looks pretty sub par at best. On a good note they will have what looks like a decent beer menu and will serve growlers. Obviously it will be a place to have to check out once it is up and running.


The Beer Buddha

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