Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Favorite Mardi Gras Parade Spot

Mardi Gras is here ya'll!!!  We already talked about what you're drinking during Mardi Gras but where are you drinking it?  Of course we all know that once you've lived here long enough and have done Mardi Gras enough times you tend to develop a favorite spot.  Usually your "spot" will have access to bathroom, food and more importantly beer. 

I have a kid so I tend to find a more "kid friendly" area.  There is spot on Napoleon which has a school(St Stephens Catholic) across the street which sells bathroom passes as well as food and drink passes.  If I'm wanting some craft beer I'm bringing my own when I hit this spot.  I have another spot but I can't give it away!

I'm curious though.  What's your favorite spot and why?  Looking forward to hearing your spots!


The Beer Buddha

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Argyle said...

I usually wind up by the Avenue Pub.