Friday, July 12, 2013

New Orleans Brew News!!

Got some nice beer news today!

Brasserie Cantillon busted out there annual Zwanze Day list for 2013 and Avenue Pub will once again be host on September 14th!   I think I may actually be able to go for once!!

Avenue Pub is in some damn good company with bars like Church Key out of  D.C. and Monk's Cafe in Philly.  So great to see a New Orleans beer bar on this list.  Actually, you know what, lemme take that back.  ALL these other bars are in great company- The Avenue Pub!!  Take note anyone who comes up with a Best Beer Bar in NOLA list!  If AP ain't on it you screwed up.  Click here for Avenue Pub's Zwanze Day FB page.

In other news Abita Brewing hit me with a double whammy today.  First, they will be releasing Andygator in 6 packs. The anticipated release date is "sometime in early October."  I don't know if they are doing away with the 22 oz version.  I doubt it but I'm not sure.

And for you hop fans Abita will be adding a new Harvest beer to the lineup. It will be a grapefruit IPA called Grapefruit Harvest IPA. This brew will be releasing in December and it uses local grapefruits grown in Plaquemines Parish.  Looking forward to this one!


The Beer Buddha

UPDATE:  Here is the label!

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Tim Dohms said...

Ah, Zwanze Day! I committed the ultimate faux pas last one thinking I could buy multiple tasting tickets. You should have seen the look on Polly's face when I asked for another ticket! "You mean you already drank all 5?" Cool news about Abita. Putting Andygator in 12 oz is going to cause many, many ugly babies to be born!