Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stein's Deli Moves Beer to Back Room. Yes, This Is News.

You ever walk into Stein's Deli and think, "Damn, there is like a billion people in here how the hell am I gonna be able to look at the beer selection?"  I know I have.  The best beer selection in the city was always hampered by the people wanting some badass sandwiches.  I've also walked out of Stein's Deli smelling like Stein's Deli.  It's like a new cologne.  Mmmm what's the smell.  Stein's.  But that's a whole 'nother post.

This post is to let ya'll now Stein's moved most of the beer selection to the back room.  Getting to it is like a speakeasy kinda deal.  Pretty cool.  It also made shopping for the beer SO much easier.  I saw some seriously awesome beers in there.  Haven't been in awhile since I haven't had a beer budget due to making a job change.  I have some serious beer buying to do when I get my paycheck!!!

Here are some pics:

The coolers in the front,  And the table they call Big Jew

A sign that you are almost there


More beer.

Brooklyn Silver Anniversary

Always been a big fan of the Bitter Monk label

Best sign ever.

Go check Steins out!


The Beer Buddha

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