Friday, March 15, 2013

Stop With Your Stupid Ass Best Of Lists

You know what pisses me off?  Best of lists written by people who have no clue.  Yeah I've done them in the past but I always kept it local and always related to beer.  And I sort of know beer.  I stopped doing them for a few reasons.  1)  Avenue Pub always wins best beer bar.  2)  Steins Deli always wins best retail.  3)  It's mostly my opinion.

Recently we have seen a shit ton of pathetic ass best of beer lists which are about New Orleans or include New Orleans in some way.  It appears that they are always written by people who aren't from New Orleans at all or are from Louisiana so think they're entitled to write about New Orleans.   And almost ALWAYS they are written by someone who doesn't know shit about beer. It's seriously pisses me off.

Here are two that I have seen recently:

Both of these lists are pieces of shit and let me tell you why.  Avenue Pub isn't on any of these lists.  Now yes, I'm sure you're thinking I'm biased because I love Avenue Pub and yeah it's true.  But I love Avenue Pub because it IS the best beer bar in this city.  There is no argument you can make here.  You can try.  But you'll lose and look like a retard doing it.

Now I'm not saying other beer bars are bad.  They're fine.  Like the Bulldog.  The beer selection is decent for sure.  And I love the Crawfish Banditos.  But it ain't no Avenue Pub.

Last I checked The Bulldog didn't hold Zwanze Day at it's bar.  What's Zwanze Day you ask?    I'll let you read Jay Brooks explanation here.  Please note the part where it states, "will be available at just 36 locations around the globe."  That's important.  Because NO bar in Louisiana was on that list except one:  Avenue Pub.  Out of 36 bars in the WORLD they chose Avenue Pub.  I wonder why?

I'm also pretty sure that Avenue Pub was in Draft Magazine's America's Best Beer Bars list.  Yeah, I know. It's a best of list but at least it's written by people who know beer.  But if you don't want to trust this list how about the fact that the owner is one of the most knowledgeable craft beer people in the city.  Oh and the bar tenders are Cicerone beer server certified.  Yes, the people serving you your beer know beer.

So please people.  If you don't live in New Orleans and don't know shit about beer stop writing about both. It just makes you look sad and pathetic.

That's it.  Rant over.  I have nothing else to prove.  You may not like the Avenue Pub but you CANNOT deny it's the best beer bar in New Orleans.  But you can try.  Go ahead.


The Beer Buddha

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Smurfe said...

Many people don't not realize (or even know) what the Cicerone certification process is. This is an education process solely focused on beer knowledge and beer handling and care service. It shows that your vendor actually cares about the beer they serve to you, not just the cash in your pocket being handed to them. Just like the Cicerone's commercial states, I DO want my beer server to know more about beer than me. That's how I learn more about beer and become a better educated as opposed to opinionated beer fan. Kudos's to The Avenue Pub for going with this program. I don't get to go there very often but their commitment and dedication to beer is quite apparent.