Monday, February 4, 2013

Glazers Distributing Selling Beer Portfolio to Southern Eagle

So Todd Price from announced today that Glazers Distributing will be selling it's beer portfolio to Southern Eagle.  What can I say other than I told you so and it's about time.

If you have been following this blog and following me on Facebook you knew I had issues with Glazers.  Not the people but the company.  I hated seeing Glazers focus on wine and spirits and not give as much attention to its beer division.  They had some really nice beers like Rogue, Shiner, North Coast and Ommegang.  But then again they weren't a beer distributorship.  Beer doesn't make as much money as wine and spirits and that's fine.  But as I said before SELL IT to someone who cares.  Finally they did.

The real sad part is that they had some great sales people who were passionate about their beer.  What's going to happen to them?  I just hope that Glazers takes care of them in all this.

Good job Southern Eagle for acquiring this portfolio.  You've added some great beers to your lineup.  Remember though:  Don't forget your local breweries.


The Beer Buddha

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