Friday, February 22, 2013

Brooklyn Brewing's The Mash: Beer Edition

Okay, so yesterday I posted about The Brooklyn Brewery Mash event being held here in New Orleans.  Some of you probably caught the what the fuck undertone in the post.  Don't get me wrong I think it's awesome that they are doing this.  I really do.  But where is the fucking beer stuff?  Seriously?  You're a brewery!

Well, apparently there will be more beer stuff during this event.  Not sure why it wasn't on the website but whatever.  Here it is.  And it's all at Avenue Pub! Duh.

Tuesday: Beer & Bourbon.

- Cuvée Elijah aged in Elijah Craig barrels for a year, Elijah Craig 12 single barrel 12 yr and Elijah Craig 20 yr.  

Wednesday: Beer & Cheese.

- Brooklyn beer paired with St James cheese and a discussion of beer pairing by their chef.

Thursday: Brooklyn Black out night

-  Brooklyn Black flip cocktials, Black ops and Brooklyn Black Chocolate stout.

Friday: Brooklyn's silver anniversary

- Brewmaster reserve rollout and Brooklyn cask ale.

Well okay now THIS looks more like brewery events!


The Beer Buddha

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Tim Dohms said...

Polly gets all the cool shit. Sounds fun!