Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brooklyn Brewing The Mash Coming to New Orleans: Meh

Okay, so Brooklyn Brewing is holding some sort of hipster, foodie thing here in New Orleans.  I'm assuming they'll have beers but they really don't talk too much about it. The information below is straight from their website.   They say beer but not what kind of Brooklyn beers.  I'm gonna be an ass here and say I would rather drink some awesome beers at Avenue Pub.

 03/13: Vendy Awards New Orleans @ The Historic French Market

Celebrate the street vendors who serve New Orleans every day, and who bring so much culinary and cultural life to NOLA's streets and public spaces.

 03/14: Local, 2 Ways @ Maurepas Foods

Multi-course beer dinner celebrating regional cuisine interpreted two ways: by Chef Michael Doyle of Maurepas Foods and Brooklyn Brewery House Chef, Andrew Gerson.

 03/14: NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off @ Siberia

Superstar DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin takes you back with his soul 45s, then invites you onto the dance floor for his famous contest. King Louie One Man Band to open.

 03/14 - 03/15: Found Footage Festival @ La Nuit Comedy Theater

"Skull crushingly funny" odd and forgotten videos presented for your enjoyment.

 03/16: Farmers Market Workshop w/Brooklyn Brewery House Chef Andrew Gerson

 Our House Chef risks his skin and cooks outdoors using Farmers Market produce and such while you do your shopping.

 03/16: Togather's Books & Beer w/Liddabit Sweets & Poppy Tooker

 Poppy Tooker in conversation with Liz Gutman & Jen King of Brooklyn's Liddabit Sweets

 03/17: Slow Supper with DinnerLab, a benefit for Slow Food New Orleans

 A Secret Swamp To Table Feel Good Dinner Party. The Beer Shall Floweth.

 03/17: Chaos Cooking 100+ course meal. Your dish is one of them. The location is secret. The guests are strangers.

If you go have fun!


The Beer Buddha

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Smurfe said...

Garret Oliver is quite the Foodie and loves beer dinners. I am sure the parings will be well thought out. He is a pretty interesting guy. His interview on The Brewing Network was one of my favorite they have done. He is quite intellectual (and stylish) for a brewer.