Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top 10 US Breweries That Should Be in Louisiana But Aren't

You KNOW you wanna distribute here.

I was perusing the old Facebooks the other day and kept seeing all these awesome breweries posting these awesome beer pics and it didn't make me happy.  It pissed me off.  It made me jealous.

I hate being the state that doesn't have a huge list of craft beer options.  During my brief time at the awesome Chan's Wine World I saw so much craft beer it was stupid.  And I sold the balls out of it too.

It was very confusing for me to go from a fairly medium size city like New Orleans to a small beach community like Destin and see them smoke our asses in craft beer selection and sales.  I still don't get it.  I've heard all the reasoning:  "New Orleans has a European palate", "New Orleans is a liquor town", "We don't have the drinkers to support anymore craft breweries" and even "New Orleans is a Bud town". I respect all those opinions but I still don't get it.

I don't even know why I am writing this other than just to get my bitching out.  I am super excited that we received confirmation that New Belgium will be here this year!  That's great news.  I'm also excited about all the local craft breweries we have opening up in the next couple years!  More great news!  But this list is about breweries that need to hurry their asses up and get here!  NO EXCUSES!  Here is my list(in no particular order):

1)  Yuengling-  No seriously, they should be here.  They have 2 breweries dammit.  One is in freakin' Tampa.  That's like only 700 miles away!  I would have a 12 pack in my fridge.  Always.

2)  Lagunitas-  I still think they are coming this year.  I really do.  They should.  They're from California.  They're in Florida.  They drive right PAST us to get there!

3)  SweetWater-  Dude, come on.  I think this is more related to Sweetwater's being in enemy territory.  They just don't like New Orleans because the Saints have more rings then the Falcons.  Just saying.  Prove me otherwise Sweetwater.  Balls in your court.  Ball.... is in your court.

4)  Left Hand Brewing-  They are in Texas.   They are in Florida.  Again, they drive right past us.  Just dump some cases yo!

5)  Bell's Brewing-  Dear Mr. Bell,  We want your beer here in Louisiana.  That would be great.  Thanks.

6)  Boulevard Brewing-  Guys, you are SO close to Louisiana.  You already distribute in Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.  Come on down and show us some love.

7)  Smuttynose-  I know you're in Florida.  Tell me we are next?  Come on, you KNOW you want to distribute here in Louisiana!

8)  Dogfish Head-  Seriously.  You're in Florida and Texas.  Dude, come on.

9)  The Bruery-  I added them just because I know they WANT to be here.  Let me help.  And they are in Florida.

10)  Deschutes-  From what I hear the owner even has a New Orleans connection.  Seriously.  We want some.

I'm sure ya'll have your own opinions and breweries that should be here.  Many of these breweries we probably won't see for a long time or will never see but it's still fun to talk about.  I really don't get it.  If I owned a brewery I would distribute in states that I want to check out and visit.  Makes sense right?  Who do you think should already be here?


The Beer Buddha


Anonymous said...

Nice ranting...Seriously i could not agree with more.Chans has an amazing selection along with beach liquor(in ft.walton),Whenever i am down that way i always pick up plenty of beers that are probably never coming down this way and always grab a case of yuengling.

Smurfe said...

Great list. One that if they were all here would cover just about any beer palate out there. I will be satisfied when Lagunitas is here. Their lineup (hopefully we will see entire lineup) will satisfy my needs for quite a while.

One other brewery I would love to see here is Firestone Walker. Great beer. I'm over Dogfish Head. I used to make trips to Houston just to buy their beer or pick it up while I was in Florida. It appears Sam kind of gets off seeing people drool and making statements that sorry, your not gonna get any. Believe they even pulled out of some markets due to distribution strain.

Paul said...

What about Bear Republic? Some of their beers were at Martin's, Rouses and Elio's but no longer. And, it looks like Bear isn't interested in our area.

Paul said...

What about Bear Republic? Some of their beers were at Martin's, Rouses and Elio's but no longer. And, it looks like Bear isn't interested in our area.

The Beer Buddha said...


I didn't hear that Bear Republic pulled out of Louisiana. We never saw their beers on draft either that I ever saw. Bottles only huh? I think that was the distributor. If they did pull out that's sad. Great brewery. Thanks for the heads up!



Anonymous said...

Do you get Cigar City out of Tampa? Incredible Brewery. I wish we could get Russian River here in FL but apparently that will never happen now. hard is it to cross the border?