Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beerodamus' New Orleans Beer Scene 2013

Last year Beerodamus amazingly predicted 5 out of 10 things that did sort of happen in the New Orleans/Louisiana beer scene in 2012.  I once again traveled to his home deep in the alligator infested bayous of Louisiana(he's Cajun, duh) in order to consult with the infamous beer seer to get his prophecies for the local beer scene in 2013.  Brace yourselves for these are earth shattering predictions.  These are them:

1)  We will add 4 new local breweries to the Louisiana market in 2013.  (writers note:  I told him this was too easy a prediction and he just shushed me.  Oh well.)

2)  New Belgium WILL enter the Louisiana market in 2013.  (writers note:  I told him that was already written about and New Belgium themselves claimed they would be here.  Again, I was shushed.)

3)  Lagunitas and Allagash will enter the market in 2013.  (writers note:  I told him this was a more ballsy prediction.  Shushed again.)

4)  We will continue to see more local restaurants respect craft beer by having a great craft beer selection.

5)  NOLA Brewing will develop a barrel aged beer and sour beer in 2013.  Or at least think about it.  They will be draft only.  Or maybe in cans.  One or the other.   It's fuzzy.

6)  A Louisiana brewery will finally win a medal at the Great American Beer Festival.  Or at some sort of festival.  He can't see exactly what festival.  It's fuzzy. (writers note:  Both Dixie and brewer from Gordon Biersch Tom Conklin have won medals at GABF)

7) Avenue Pub will continue to be awesome.  (writers note:  I told him this isn't really a prediction.  I was shushed.  Again.)

8)  New Orleans Craft Beer Week will start to become a reality.  (writers note:  I asked him to elaborate but he just stared at me and said, "You don't have a job you figure it out."  Dick.)

9)  Someone in the beer community will develop an online craft beer TV show for Louisiana.  And it will be awesome.  (writers note: I again asked him to elaborate and again he made fun of me for not having a job.  What a dick.  I don't get it.)

10)  Jazzfest will continue to serve crappy beer and not support any local breweries.

Well, that's it folks.  10 predictions or sort of predictions from the mysterious character known as Beerodamus.  Enjoy.  Let's see how many actually happen!


The Beer Buddha

PS The video below is what the shush sounded like.  Every time.

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