Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beer Rumor: Abita Red Ale Being Replaced With Spring IPA

So there is a rumor that I heard yesterday that Abita Red Ale will no longer be produced by Abita and they will instead be brewing a "Spring IPA".  There are a lot of breweries that brew a "Spring IPA".  I keep using quotations because it's not really a style of beer and I don't know the name of the beer Abita is releasing.  I was told "Spring IPA."  Most "Spring IPAs" are categorized as American IPAs.  If this beer is anything like similar beers I have had in the past with the same description I anticipate this brew being very floral with a nice citrus note.

 I reached out to Abita and no one would confirm or deny my rumors.  I did get information from a source however that states my information is 100% accurate.

Hopefully someone from Abita will contact me so I can get a confirmation from them.  Either way I feel this is great news.

What do you think?  Were you a fan of the Red Ale?  You looking forward to this new beer?  Let me know what you think.


The Beer Buddha

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Eric Ducote said...

Considering the abomination that is Jockamo, it'll take a lot of convincing for me to try anything that invloved Abita and IPA on the same label.