Thursday, January 31, 2013

Abita Spring IPA releases in March

Okay, so as I announced on January 9th here is the new Spring IPA from Abita which is replacing the Red Ale. According to Abita it will be a "West Coast-style" IPA.   Here is the description from their website:

Spring IPA

Spring IPA (March-May) is a West Coast-style IPA with an up-front intense hop flavor and aroma. Amarillo and Centennial hops give the brew a rich and resinous flavor of citrus and spice. This bright pale ale has a malt sweetness that will give way to a pleasant bitter. It pairs well with Mexican or spicy Szechwan Chinese food. Spring IPA is a nice accompaniment for cheeses with strong flavors, like sharp cheddar or goat cheese.

 Beer Profile

 ABV 6.25%
 IBU 65
Color 9

Okay, so I know a lot of you have some reservations and have been expressing them via Facebook, Twitter and on this site.  I understand but isn't this exactly what we have been begging Abita to do?   Abita has a lot of talented brewers on their staff and we know they can brew.   This seems like they may be stepping up their game to me.  Personally I am looking forward to this one and hope it really does show off the talented brewers they have.  Now if they would just freaking bottle that Black IPA and I would be happy.

Looks like this one releases in March.  Guess we find out then!


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