Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1st Annual Louisiana State Homebrew Competition

Picture stolen from somewhere on the internet.

 Just got word that our local homebrew shop Brewstock will be organizing a homebrew contest!!!  Here are some of the details from Brewstock.com.

We'll be organizing beer and brewing events including tastings, dinners, competitions and more!

 Start planning or brewing your beers now. The competition and events will take place in New Orleans, though you will not need to be present to compete.

 Some things we have in mind
 -Commercial beer tastings
 -Beer dinners and pairings
 -Club competition with club booths (public event)
 -Beer tour via street car or walking/boking
 -Brewing and recipe design classes
 -Brewery/Distillery bus tours
 -Awards ceremony and dinner
 -Big group brew

 Please keep checking back for more details on events in the months to come! We will be posting more information soon!

 All 23 BJCP beer categories will be allowed for entry, with ribbons going to the top three beers in each category.

 Prizes from sponsors will also be awarded.

 The competition will be open to residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas only.

 Judging will take place over the course of a weekend in November, to be determined.

 Rules and regulations to be posted by the end of January 2013.

 If you would like to be involved we are looking for BJCP certified judges and volunteers. We are looking for sponsorship of events and awards. Please email Aaron at aaron@brewstock.com for more information! Happy homebrewing and good luck!


 One of my resolutions was to submit a homebrewed beer to a homebrew contest. Looks like I will be knocking that out!


 The Beer Buddha


Travis said...

You should join CCH.

Smurfe said...

This temps me to pull the equipment back out and brew a batch. Keep us posted when a definite date is set as far in advance as possible. It is actually sort of key for particular beer styles if an entrant wants to enter the freshest beer they can.