Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Westvleteren XII: Yet Another Update

So I found out a little more information on the Westy release. According to this site the following are Louisiana locations that are authorized to sell Westvleteren XII:

Whole Foods, Baton Rouge
Aquistapace’s Grocery, Covington
Whole Foods (Veterans), Metairie
Stein’s Deli, New Orleans
Whole Foods (Arabella Station), New Orleans

It appears our Gulf Coast friends in Mississippi will not be getting any and Alabama will be getting them at:

Hop City, Birmingham
The Nook, Huntsville

Shelton Brothers is saying that no matter where the beer is sold it should retail at $84.99 as this is the wish of the monks.  I haven't heard anything from our local retailers so I am going to assume this is the price that we will see.

As for breaking up the packs we won't talk about that because no one is supposed to be doing that.  I'll be honest, in my opinion this whole situation just seems amateur at best.  1) To force retailers to sell at a certain price seems illegal to me.  2)  To tell a retailer how they can sell a product?  Who the hell does that?  From what I gather it appears that retailers will be taking a loss or at best breaking even on this beer.

Too bad no one has the balls to tell the monks to stuff it and keep their beer.   That would be hilarious!  Restore your abbey now!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Ain't like the retailers are gonna be making any money off of the release anyway!   Hell, in some states the locally owned, small independent stores are getting the shaft anyway due to some bullshit exclusivity contract with Total Wine.

Remember, December 12th is the release date.  Good luck getting you some!


The Beer Buddha

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