Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beer Review: Bayou Teche Brewing Joie a Tous

Let me start off this post with the declaration that I dislike coffee.  Not necessarily the taste of coffee.  That I like.  But hot liquids I don't enjoy.  Never have, never will.  I even put enough milk in my hot cocoa to make it warm.  And there is no way you will see me drinking an iced coffee.  Nothing screams I have been castrated like ordering an iced coffee or a soy latte.

Thankfully beer companies put out beer that use coffee or uses coffee malts.  I think I can honestly say I haven't had a coffee beer I didn't like.    Recently I received an email from Bayou Teche introducing their Joie a Tous which is their Biere Joy-Mello Dubbel juiced on coffee steroids and aged in Jack Daniels whiskey barrels.  Brewmaster Gar Hatcher went into mad scientist mode and hand selected the 9 "most complex and mature flavors and blended them together to create this brew.

After about a week of searching I found some at Steins Deli.  Only 200 cases were made so I need to go find more.  I know Steins still has some but once ya'll read this you're gonna go buy it all up.  I know you.

Here is my review:

Brewery:  Bayou Teche Brewing

Beer:  Joie a Tous

ABV:  Doesn't say

Louisiana Availability:  Yes.

Price Range:  $8-$9 for a 22oz bottle

Appearance:  Poured a dark ruby gold.  Wonderful frothy, off white head.  Clinging lace throughout short life of the beer.

Smell:  Strong coffee aromatics with hints of vanilla, toasted coconut and caramel.

Taste:  As in the nose nice hints of vanilla, toasted coconut and caramel but the coffee flavors are more pronounced.

Mouthfeel:    Full body, smooth flavor with medium carbonation.

Overall:  An amazing blend of the beer, the coffee and the whiskey barrel characteristics.  Bayou Teche has truly outdone themselves with this beer in my opinion.    Probably one of my favorite beers from these folks!

Score:  4.5 out of 5 buddhas Photobucket


The Beer Buddha


Joel Ohmer said...

Let me know if you find more of this!

Nora said...

I just tried it for the first time tonight- absolutely no coffee aroma or flavor whatsoever. I am wondering if I got a skunked bottle now...

collegefootballcapsules said...

Funky tasting ale. Not impressed at all. No coffee flavor. Bad idea trying to blend coffee with ale. A coffee porter or stout much better.