Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Release: Parish Brewing Grand Reserve

Holidays kick ass.  Yeah they are a great time to spend with family and blah, blah, blah but it's also a time for breweries to release all their special holiday beers.  Halloween through Christmas/Hanukkah we begin to see an influx of specialty beers hitting the shelves.  Some think it can be overwhelming but it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.  I want to try them all!  Locally we get some decent holiday release but I haven't seen one like this before.  If I have, sorry I forgot about it.

On November 30th Parish Brewing will be releasing their Grand Reserve.  This barleywine is only brewed once a year and comes in at 11% abv.  According to the website there will be only 1300 bottles available fir purchase.  I received a message from owner Andrew via Facebook and he stated that New Orleans will receive the most cases and will be available at specialty beer/wine shops.  He also stated that Avenue Pub will have a specially made cask which will be served Friday and that there will be a select amount of kegs available around town.

Looking forward to getting this one!  I will be grabbing a couple for drinking and storing.


The Beer Buddha

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