Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Belgium Coming To Louisiana in 2013

Read this on Beerpulse today:

  (Fort Collins, CO) – New Belgium is headed to Louisiana and Alaska in 2013 and has a lot of new beers coming in the pipeline for next year, according to the company’s spokesman. BeerPulse caught up with Bryan Simpson last week to get the skinny on future plans. 

 “Both of those states are ones that we’ve been looking at for a long time,” says Simpson. “Certainly Louisana being contiguous to Texas makes a lot of sense where we have trucks already heading down there. We think Alaska is an interesting place. A lot of us just have an affinity for it and we have a couple folks who have lived up there.”

 The company is in the midst of building distributor profiles and timing is expected to be by early fall, similar to when the company entered Michigan 

 Simpson explains that the company is in a holding pattern of sorts when it comes to capacity so in order to add more-densely populated areas, they’d have to add more capacity than what they’re currently in the midst of adding.

 New Belgium is on pace to brew 775,000 barrels this year, up nearly 9% from last year’s mark of 713,000 barrels. With the addition of new tanks, annual capacity grows from 800,000 barrels to 925,000 barrels. 

 This is great news that most of us saw coming.  Looking forward to being able to buy Lips of Faith here in town!


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Travis said...

775,000 of 925,000 potential barrels. Sounds like they are under-performing!