Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bret Lyttle's Bed Review: SweetWater IPA

Some people go to church on Sunday's. Bret and his wife Sarah like to sit in bed and have a "Hair of the Dog Sunday".  Apparently after having a night of oysters, beer and vodka it was necessary for some good "hair of the dog" craft beer style.

He hit me up this morning via the Facebook/Skype app to bullshit and talk about the beer he was drinking this morning.  And this morning we were joined by his wife who eagerly wanted him to shut up so she could watch the Lions game.  Yes, the Lions.   Yes, the DETROIT Lions.

So after brief conversations about boobs, Christmas and more boobs we got down to the beer:  SweetWater IPA.

Here is the review:

Brewery :  SweetWater 

Beer:  IPA

Appearance:  Almost ruby amber in color.  Decent head and lacing present.  Not "Mr. Scrubby Fucking bubbles" head.

Nose:  Citrus, pine note.  Not the citrus pine note you get from the Northwest brews but the kind you see in Southeastern brews.(Note from BB:  I find this amazing that he can distinguish between the pine from the trees in the Northwest vs the Southeast.  A true tree man)

Taste:  Nice sweetness.  Hops are not overpowering.  Very well balanced.

Body:  Medium body.  Medium carbonation.

Overall:  Besides the Sweet Georgia Brown the SweetWater IPA is one of the best ones SweetWater brews.

Score:  4 out of 5 Buddhas Photobucket


The Beer Buddha

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