Friday, September 7, 2012


Okay, so I haven't posted in a minute but I am back.  I have been attempting to prepare for a new post that will be starting up in October.  31 Days Of Pumpkin!  Yeah, that's right.  Starting October 1st I will be drinking one different pumpkin beer every day until October 31st.  With reviews.  I know, I know you just totally creamed your shorts.   It's been tough since we have like 5 pumpkin beers total in Louisiana but friends from around the country will be helping out!  This will be awesome!

On another note NOLA Brewing suffered some damage from the retarded ass hurricane that came whipping through.  But how do they handle it?  With a big F U and we're gonna release mo fuggin' MECHAHOPZILLA!  September 20th at Avenue Pub!!  Dude, I had the opportunity to try this beer and Jesus it kicks serious ass!  I'm totally gonna try and make it that night if the job doesn't get in the way!  Stupid job.

Also got some information regarding them finally releasing Hopitoulas in cans.  Yeah, that's right.  Hopitoulas.  In cans.  As I have said before they will be in 16 oz cans and sold in 4 packs.  Can't wait!  Here is a little preview of the can:

And make sure you check out our newest sponsor Midway Pizza!  We all have our favorite pizza joints in the city and this one is mine.  LOVE these guys!  And the beer selection is awesome!!

Stay tuned!


The Beer Buddha

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Bob said...

Any idea where those cans will be sold? Online?