Monday, June 4, 2012

WYES Private Beer Tasting Recap

So I had the opportunity to go to the WYES Private Beer Tasting this past Friday night and I must say that I am happy for the future of craft beer here in Louisiana.

Upon walking in the door I met Leith from Mudbug Brewery. After a brief chat it was time for some beer. What am I presented with? A Kingcake Lager with the rim of the glass dipped in cinnamon sugar. I shit you not. It was....amazing. You didn't even need the cinnamon sugar rim. That just added to the presentation. The beer was fantastic. 

And then I see Andrew from Parish Brewing with his homemade "awesomeinator" which was basically a randall devise for hopping up his beer.  Apparently I have been watching too much Phineas & Ferb with that name huh?  If you have kids who watch the show you'll get it.  If not.  Sorry.  You won't get it.  Unless of course you watch Disney cartoons as an adult without having kids.  Which is kind of creepy.  How is living in your mom's basement?

From there it is was just a cornucopia of awesomeness. Instead of writing a bunch of long, drawn out details and crap I will list the beers I tried and really enjoyed. Makes it easier for me. And probably you.

1) Bayou Teche Cafe Brulot Beire Joi
2) Lazy Magnolia Southern Hops'pitality
3) Cajun Fire Acadian Berry Ale
4) Mudbug Carnival King Lager
5) Parish Canebrake
6) Homebrew from Chris Kuemmel and Taylor Weidman Pineapple Cilantro IPA
7) Homebrew from Ron Guzman Coconut Baltic Porter
8) Homebrew from Sal Mortillaro Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse

I didn't even get a chance to try all the beers they had there. I completely missed out on the NOLA Brewing booth!

Overall it was a great night.  A lot is happening here in Louisiana for craft beer!   My only issue would be the lack of bottled water. I did see water to clean out the glassware but didn't see bottled water.  I like to drink water while drinking a lot of beer as it keeps me hydrated.  That's it though.  They did have some food which was amazing. The corn grits and Thai ribs from Zea's were awesome! Thanks to WYES for putting on the event and thanks to those who donated their beer and time to this event


The Beer Buddha

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Eric Ducote said...

Damn, I missed you! Agree about the King Cake Lager... did not see that coming at all.

NOLA only had one special beer, a cask version of the Hurrican Saison that was decent. Abita had a few barrel aged offerings and Tin Roof had their Coffee Porter which is solid.