Friday, March 9, 2012

Beerodamus 2nd Prediction To Come True?

So back in December of 2011 I made some pretty wild predictions regarding 2012. One was NOLA Brewing do a collaboration brew which became a reality with Stone Brewing and their Pour Me Something Mistah!

Today it looks as if another prediction of mine is coming true. According to Shanken News Daily it appears that Lagunitas will be finishing a brewery expansion in April and will be distributing to "another 14 states, bringing distribution to 49 states." Tennessee apparently will not be getting it due to shitty ABV laws although at last check Mississippi still hasn't changed their laws yet either so I'm not sure how much of that is true.

Either way it appears another prediction has come true or at least is about to come true!!!!


The Beer Buddha

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Smurfe said...

I saw that article yesterday! Good job Beerodamas. Now, use the force to see into the future and see visions of Firestone Walker, Russian River, 21st Amendment, and Dogfish Head to distribute to us here