Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Orleans on Tap Recap

Yesterday I was able to make it out to the New Orleans on Tap beer festival at City Park. This event is put on by The Bulldog and the LSPCA with all proceeds go to the LSPCA. I missed the event last year but thankfully made it this year and I must say what a kick ass event.

It was different than most beer festivals that I have attended in that you don't pay to get in but rather pay for tickets. This is genius as it allows you to pick and choose the beers you want instead of feeling like you MUST try everything in order to get your moneys worth. You can choose to pay your tickets for a sample size of 3 oz or a larger 9 oz size. This has got to be the future of beer festivals. Loved it!

They also had two live bands with Rotary Downs and Flow Tribe who both laid it down. And there was a very special guest appearance from Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune who make up the craft beer dynamic duo The Beer Chicks. They were there filming a new show for the Food Network. Can't wait to see that show!

This whole event was a helluva lot of fun and in my opinion is NOT to be missed!!! Here are some of my pics from the event. Maybe next year I'll get better pics! I was busy dranking!

The Abita stage

Longest line had to be Gnarley Barley's.

Gnarley Barley's tap handles. Made from broken skate boards.

Me with Polly from Avenue Pub, Christina Perozzi and @BrewSleuth

Me with Zac from Gnarley Barley

Me with Brad from The Shed BBQ. If you know good BBQ you know The Shed!

More people drinking!

Be there next year people! I mean it! It was a great time! Thanks to The Bulldog, LSPCA and to all the other companies who helped put this together!! And a special thanks to Polly from Avenue Pub who let me tag along as a volunteer which I did turribly as Charles Barkley would say.


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Smurfe said...

I really need to make me a beer calendar. I hate missing these things. Looks like it was a great time to be had.