Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Great Week for Louisiana Craft Beer: The Beer Buddha on Ginty and Brady Rock 92.3

Okay so it appears that this week is a great week for craft beer in Louisiana. After an awesome stint on Tom Fitsmorris' Food Show yesterday I was able to weasel my way onto the Ginty & Brady Show on Rock 92.3. I will be on this Friday at 7:30 am. Jason Ginty seemed really pumped about dranking some beers!

Not sure what beers I will be bringing quite yet but I do know I will be pimping local fo' sho'! Can't wait to talk about Louisiana craft beer! Make sure ya'll are listening and call in if they ask! We need to promote local baby!


The Beer Buddha

PS And for those out of town you can listen live on the 92.3 website!

1 comment:

Travis said...

You could bring some Abita 25th. Just sayin'.