Saturday, October 1, 2011

ANOTHER Louisiana Brewery Coming!!!! Let's Welcome Gnarly Barley Brewing Company!

Had an opportunity to try a new brewery at New Orleans on Tap(which was an AMAZING festival by the way!) today. They are called Gnarly Barley Brewing and damn are they onto something! I sampled their Korova Coffee Porter and Lazy IPA and I really can't wait to see their beer on the market. Sounds like we should see the beers for sale about this time next year! I already love these guys! Be on the lookout!!! When I get more info I'll let ya'll know!

Stolen from Gnarly's Facebook page.


The Beer Buddha

PS Their tap handles were made from the broken remnants of the owner, Zac's skateboard. How sweet is that?


Anonymous said...

I've skated with that guys. He's good people.

Smurfe said...

This is fantastic news. Always glad to see a new local brewery. It is so cool that all the breweries starting up locally have been good. I can't say enough about the love I have developed for Tin Roof. Let's hope Gnarley Barley follows the trend with NOLA, Bayou Teche and Tin Roof and supply us with another quality beer. One thing I am really liking about these breweries popping up are they all aren't brewing the same beer. A refreshing variety of styles are happening. Keep us posted n theis one!

Anonymous said...

First time goin to new Orleans on tap and it was great! Good people and good times can't wait for the next beer fest to taste some more great brew. Jus throwing it out there tho their is no E in Gnarly. Cheers!

The Beer Buddha said...

Thanks for the catch! Not sure why my spell check didn't catch it!! Thanks!



The Ponchatoula Pub said...

I've been lucky enough to help one time in brewing some Korova Porter in Zack's kitchen with him, the guy is amazing and is going to blow your minds once he hits the market. Good luck Gnarly Barley and thanks Beer Buddha!!!

Josh@lazymagnolia said...

Yes!This is supper exciting. And I love that its not far from the Metro area. Any idea if there will be any more chances for a sneak preview of what these guys have to offer?