Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Brewtacular Halloween Brews

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Halloween is right around the corner!!! My family and I have been slowly putting up the decorations and thinking about possible costumes. The kid is going as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz this year and didn't like my idea of Zombie Dorothy. Not sure about the wife but I may go as Guy Fieri if I can find a spiked wig. I think I can pull it off for sure. Just some pinky rings, an armband and a button up shirt with some Dickie shorts right? Oh, and the sunglasses on backwards.

Here in New Orleans, Halloween seems to be more of an adult holiday than a kid holiday. Parties everywhere! And of course Bourbon Street becomes one huge Halloween party every year! It's crazy!

If you're having a party and are looking for some special beverages that'll help make it that much more "Halloween", I have a list of great beers that not only taste great but have great Halloween tie ins as well.

1) Coney Island Freaktoberfest- How could you not start off with this blood red lager from Shmaltz Brewing Companies Coney Island line-up? When a beer comes in at 6.66% abv and is made with 6 malts and 6 hops it IS the perfect Halloween beer. This one will blow your mind from a sensory standpoint. Trust me.

2) Reaper Ale Mortality Stout- It's called Mortality Stout and has a skull on the front. What more could you ask for? This foreign stout from Reaper Ale in California pours a dark black and has hints of roasted malt and mocha. Oh, and check out the website for sure! Great Halloween website!!

3) Brasserie Dieu du Ciel! Rigor Mortis ABT- This Quad style ale from Dieu du Ciel! is great for Halloween for obvious reasons. It is a nice malty beer with hints of chocolate, caramel and dark fruit.

4) Squatters Brewpub Hell's Keep- This amazing golden strong ale from Squatters Brewpub in Utah is perfect for Halloween. Great taste and amazing logo.

5) Squatters Brewpub Outer Darkness- This Russian Imperial Stout again from Squatters Brewpub has an amazingly rich flavor of roasted malts, chocolate and coffee with hints of licorice and molasses. And the logo on the bottle is awesome.

So there you have it! I'm sure there are more and I would love to hear your thoughts of great beers for Halloween so leave a comment! Happy haunting!


The Beer Buddha


Resie Rae said...

My beer buddy Justin VanLaere on G+ gave up this one you missed Buddha:

The Beer Buddha said...


Yeah I should have been more clear. The article was beer we can actually get in New Orleans. Surly Darkness is a great one though!