Monday, October 10, 2011

2nd Annual Outlaw Homebrew Competition Recap

Ah.... Mississippi. God your beer laws are retarded. This past weekend I had the opportunity to drive to Hattiesburg, MS and help judge a homebrew competition. An illegal homebrew competition. Yes, despite the fact that the federal government legalized homebrewing back in '78 they unfortunately allowed the states to make up their own minds as well and some states felt that the Lord Jesus Christ doesn't want homebrewing in their state. Mississippi(along with an ABV cap of 6%)is one of them. And on a side note I think the bible actually says that Jesus was a homebrewer. I'm pretty confident about this one. He turned water into wine. That's homebrewing right?

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Anyway, through Keg & Barrel Brewpub and Raise Your Pints the Outlaw Homebrew Competition was created and what an amazing event. Held on the grounds of the Keg & Barrel, I must say it was awesome and I want to thank John Neal for inviting me to be a judge there. I had a blast and it was so much fun seeing people so passionate about their beer.

I had the luxury(then the curse) of judging Wheat beers then IPAs. My palate was destroyed after the IPAs. 19 IPAs is a lot. They set us up in an RV for judging and we were pretty much sequestered until we were done judging. After judging was over we were allowed to mingle amongst the homebrewers. There was some great beer out there!

Overall this was an amazing event and I had an awesome time. I hope to be invited back next year! Next year though we need to get some local Louisiana homebrewers involved in this competition! Thanks again John Neal of Keg & Barrel and Raise Your Pints! Here are a few pics from the event!


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Josh@lazymagnolia said...

Yeah. Our beer laws are f***ed up. Yeah sometimes I feel like we are in a tour du beer bicycle on a unicycle. But for all that we have holding us back I think we are making up for in style and spirit. We have a good community around us and though it maybe small they are hard working for and enthusiastic about good beer and enjoying it with each other. This event goes to show just that. I have to say this is one of the coolest most exciting events Ive been to. No its not as big as the GABF, nor as large a variety of styles and backgrounds as an event in any other place in the country (except maybe Utah). But it has very very passionate people. And I think thats why this event is so exciting. Hard working passionate people create a time of change in a positive way.

Anyways. I ramble. Thanks for coming out this weekend. I had a great time and it was good to meet you. Maybe next year we will be able to get you arrested like you wanted!