Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bayou Teche Biere Noire Coming Soon!

I always look forward to seeing what our locals breweries will be coming up with next. The folks at Bayou Teche emailed me a couple weeks back about a new beer called Biere Noire they will be releasing. I really look forward to trying it! Here is that email:

Bayou Teche Brewing will be releasing our Biere Noire in later this month. Biere Noire is brewed loosely as a German Alt Schwarzbier - a style of beer not brewed anymore. I drank some while stationed in Germany, I believe the Brewery was Alt Marburger - and I think they stopped brewing in the 90s sometimes. The beer was like a traditional German black lager, brewed with the tastier Alt style ale yeast. We wanted to resurrect this wonderful style with our Biere Noire. We will release a limited number of bottles in July and early August, by the end of August you should be able to find bottles wherever Bayou Teche bieres are sold.

The description from our website:

On our grandparents’ farm, our grandmother would brew a grègue of café noir every morning for our grandfather’s pre-dawn breakfast. At the end of each week, after the obligatory Sunday dinner, she would brew numerous pots of it. Each and every one of the adults would then sip demitasses of the strong black coffee, laughing loudly and speaking French even louder.
We wanted to create a beer that paid homage to what café noir meant to our French speaking ancestors. Café noir was more than a cup of coffee – its presence conveyed love and appreciation, and expressed a cheerful welcome.
We use specially roasted German malts and select American hops which provide our LA-31 Bière Noire a small bite of noble bitterness and a dry, French roasted coffee flavor. It goes great with grilled steaks, hamburgers, or sausage po-boys, any spicy blackened Cajun dish, or a dinner table surrounded by those you most cherish.

Votre Sante

Man that sounds incredible! Can't wait! Look for it at your local bottle shop!


The Beer Buddha


evan said...

What ever happened to Boucanee? I never saw bottles anywhere and I thought they were supposed to show up a few months ago...

The Beer Buddha said...


Go to Cork & Bottle we sell it there.