Monday, May 23, 2011

Beer Tasting for Nathanial Zimet

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A local chef, Nathanial Zimet, was shot three times on Sunday and is currently in the hospital. It appears that thankfully he will recover but because of the cost of health care these days his restaurant, Boucherie, has asked for people to make donations in order to help with the costs.

If you've ever been to Boucherie you know that the food is fantastic as is the beer selection. The Brooklyn beer dinner that was held in New Orleans was held at Boucherie and was amazing. Nathanial is an outstanding chef, lover of good beer and is one of our own. I think we as the beer community must come together and put on one of our best tastings ever with all proceeds going to help Nathanial.

This tasting is in its infancy and I need some ideas. I'm hoping that those readers that live out of town can help out by donating beer to this great cause. If you're interested please email me at and I will give you my address. Those of you that live here in town be prepared. We need to open up our beer fridges and crack open some amazing beers. If you are a local brewery or restaurant reading this perhaps you'd be willing to donate some food or even brew a special beer for this event. Anything could help. Just let me know. Let's come together and help out Nathanial.

Thanks for listening and let's show New Orleans how the beer community helps their own.


The Beer Buddha


Anonymous said...

That is sad news. I was able to eat at this restaurant when I was in NOLA. Great food, great beer.

Daniel said...

How about the Backyard Boucherie Beer Tasting Benefit. Held like Beer Day . . . we bring our best stuff and drink it at some place. We will charge to get in.

The Beer Buddha said...


Its exactly like beer day but I have a feeling this is going to be BIG. I was already contacted by the Time Picayune who will be promoting this event. We are really going to need to bring out some serious amounts of beer. I was thinking of doing a raffle as well. Like the name too.



Travis NOLA said...

You have a Great Idea to help Nathanial. (He's a good neighbor to my son and daughter-in-law.
Here's two small ideas for when you hold the Beer Event addition to whatever is charged for beer, food, etc. be sure to have several "collection beer tubs" where people can simply toss in donation $$$'s--- both dollars and coins... and a secure table for addtional checks and credit card donations. Travis NOLA

Elizabeth said...

Have an auction for items donated by artists, bodyworkers, restaurant gift certificates, book stores, drycleaners, groceries, any local businesses that would like to help. I would be happy to donate some Gift Certificates for Reiki Treatments to the (silent ?) auction. I could get some massage therapists to donate gift certificates for massage as well. Would someone please contact me? Email NoLaReiki at