Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beer Games: Bad or Good for Beer?

There are a lot of beer drinking games out there. Just off the top of my head there is: asshole, quarters(three different kinds by my count) and of course the most popular, beer pong.

A lot of craft beer purists feel that beer drinking games demean beer and hurt the image of craft beer. I call bullshit. In my opinion beer drinking games keeps us grounded. It keeps us from becoming wine. Beer drinkers aren't supposed to be snobby and a bunch of highbrow douches.

Now, we're in New Orleans so our attitude towards beer is a little different towards the rest of the country. I know for a fact that at the Emerald Coast Beer Festival they compete in a type of "beer olympics" which involves dizzy bat, keg toss and other beer drinking games including some version of last man standing which NOLA Brewing's own brewer Melanie Knepp won last year. Did this harm craft beer? Did it make any of the brewers attending the event less "craft"? Of course not.

So where do I take this post from here? Ladies and gentleman I think it's time we have a little fun. I propose we put together a Beerfest New Orleans style. See this video from Beerfest Chicago:

So what do you think? A New Orleans Beerfest sound like fun? Are you interested? Let me know because I'd like to get started on ideas for games, a place in can be held and potential sponsors for the event.


The Beer Buddha


Cracker said...

"Beer drinkers aren't supposed to be snobby and a bunch of highbrow douches."

Oh man, I've said something similar so often lately. So many "beer elite" now telling me why I shouldn't still enjoy my can of PBR when I want. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Always wanted to know how to properly spell 'douches'... hehe

Chris Creel said...

PBR is a great American beer! The truth is, and we know it, that many micro brews are no better than our own homebrews. I will admit to being a beer snob but I can still enjoy a PBR and Yuengling.

There are plenty of traditional games where beer is enjoyed, card games, baseball and rpgs, to name a few. I afraid that Beer Pong and Beer Dice and the like only promote more consumption of Natural Light and the like.