Friday, April 15, 2011

Product Review: BBbarfly Bottle Opener

The bottle opener. Pretty basic. They used to have cool ones back in the day like the Dixie one I bought on Ebay not too long ago but for the most part they're pretty boring.

You have the key chain bottle opener, speed openers and hell, some people just use their counter tops or lighters(I still haven't figured that one out yet). Someone should come out with a cooler version of a bottle opener. Oh wait...

Yeah you're seeing that correctly. It's a freakin' butterfly knife bottle opener!!!! How freakin' cool is that! I think every bartender in New Orleans should have one of these things!

The company that came up with these baddass openers is BBbarfly out of the homeland of my favorite beer drinkers Bob and Doug McKenzie. If you don't know who Bob and Doug McKenzie are you should be spanked and sent to bed with no beer. And the answer is Canada.

Brian Becker, owner of BBbarfly, has a ton of videos of himself flipping his opener around on the website. This opener definitely takes opening beers from the ho-hum to the hell yeah! Stop reading this post and go buy one today. They're only $19.99. If you're still reading this, here is some info about the opener:

- BBbarfly Bottle Openers are mimicked after the Butterfly (or Balisong) knife
- There are numerous tricks you can do with your BBbarfly Bottle Opener
- BBbarfly are made in Canada
- The bottle openers themselves are made from a food grade, high quality
stainless steel, guaranteed never to rust
- The handles can be fully customized with your company, festival, name,
website or whatever else you want.
- Bbbarfly Bottle Openers are completely durable
- They weigh almost a half pound of top quality metal
- BBbarfly Bottle Openers are perfect for bartenders, beer drinks, men
who like tools, BBQ's, nightclubs, as give-a-ways and much more.
- BBbarfly offers trick tutorials on how to use your very own BBbarfly
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