Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Beer Buddha's Under 2 Minute Video Beer reviews: Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA

So yeah I'm kind of digging the online video reviews. Makes it more personal somehow. I will go ahead and add some info for you so you know availability and stuff. I don't edit these videos so all mistakes are left in. Hell it's even done with my crappy phone. Makes more fun though right? Enjoy!

Brewery: Ninkasi Brewing

Beer: Tricerahops Double IPA

Style: Double IPA

Louisiana Availability: None. I got mine at www.brewforia.com.

Price Range: $7.00


James said...

This is my favorite beer at the moment. I found it a few months ago (roughly) and it hasn't gotten its hooks out of me. My local watering hole keeps it on tap at all times and when I go there for happy hour that is all I drink. Mainly because it's a good beer, but also cause the rest of the taps don't even compare in quality to this one. I enjoyed your review and it has made my mouth start watering for some more Tricerahops goodness.

Anonymous said...

don't blame you for forgettin to smell it: you musta been eager to try that great beer! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the video reviews! I've had most of what Ninkasi bottles and they are one of my favorite breweries. If you get a chance, try the Believe Double Red. That's probably my favorite beer, period.

Anonymous said...

Great videos, and the unedited versions give it the perfect 'unpackaged character'. Will have to find this one and try it!