Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Beer Buddha's Under 2 Minute Video Beer Reviews: Earthquake High Gravity Lager

So after the success of the Dog Bite High Gravity video review I did in November(it's still one of my most watched/read reviews) I've decided to try doing more video type reviews. After doing some research though I saw that people who have these beer videos online seem to drone on and on about the beer. You really should be able to tell someone whether or not you like it within 2 minutes. Hence the name The Beer Buddha's Under 2 Minute Video Beer Reviews. And as you know I have a weird infatuation with cheap beers. So what better to do than another cheap high gravity lager. Here is my review for Earthquake High Gravity Lager. Enjoy!

For those of you who enjoy the written reviews don't worry I'm gonna keep doing those too.


The Beer Buddha


Tim (Drunk-Monkey) Marks said...

fyi - your video is extending out of the borders of your text column on the website. You can adjust the size in the html

good review btw

TeeCee said...

No Buddhas?!?