Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grillin' and Chillin'

In addition to beer I absolutely love grilling out. In a way they both kind of go hand in hand. Drinking wine while grilling meat just doesn't seem....normal. Drinking an ice cold beer? Normal.

Finally it seems the last remnants of this horribly cold New Orleans winter has left us(fingers crossed!)and the gods have blessed us with some beautiful 70 degree days. I don't know about you but when I hear the birds chirping, smell the flowers and feel the heat of the sun I immediately think of busting out my grill. I know, I know I live in New Orleans it doesn't get that cold you're thinking but it does. For like 2 months. And I hate the cold.

Anyways, the cold sucks and hopefully it's gone until next winter. Let's get on to some serious business. This isn't a grilling post. It's a what to drink while you're grilling post.

I've come up with what I think are 5 great beers to drink while you're grilling those burgers, chicken, steaks or whatever it is you like to grill. I'll warn you now. If you're new to The Beer Buddha website I will many times recommend cheap beers or beers that beer snobs will turn their noses up to. There is no shame in my game. I even have a list of sauces and marinades  that I like to use as well when I'm not making my own. Please note that these beers are all available in New Orleans but some of the sauces may not be. Enjoy!

Da Beers

1) Stone Arrogant Bastard: I love this beer with about anything. In my opinion it pairs well with about any meat dish you put in front of it. Very versatile brew.

Price Range: around $5 for 22oz bottle

2) Red Stripe: I'm a purist sometimes. I think you should drink the beer from the region of the food your cooking. I like to grill jerk chicken. Red Stripe is a crisp, clean lager and pairs well with the dish. I you just add some reggae it'll just add to the whole experience.

Price Range: around $8 for 6 pack

3) Full Sail Session Lager: One thing that is perfect with grilling in the hotter weather are lagers. They are crisp, clean and refreshing. Finding one that has flavor and that is inexpensive can be tough. This is one of those beers and pairs real well with grilled fish.

Price Range: around $15 for a 12 pack.

4) NOLA Hopitoulas: Supporting local is extremely important. NOLA is one of the local breweries that I like to support when I can but they don't bottle yet. However, they do have draft packs which are great when having a grilling party and you don't need a keg. Hopitoulas pairs well with any spicy dish you create on your grill.

Price Range: around $40 for a full case.

5) Bayou Teche LA 31 Biere Pale Ale: As I said supporting local is important so it just makes sense that I have another local brew. This beer is perfect for those of you who don't partake in meat dishes and choose to grill vegetables instead. Oh don't worry it pairs well with meat too but goes well with grilled veggies.

Price Range: around $9 for a 6 pack

Da Sauces and Marinades

1) Stubbs BBQ Sauce: In my opinion this is hands down one of the best commercial BBQ sauces on the market.

2) The Shizzle Sauce: This pineapple based jerk marinade is perfect for your grilled chicken. It's not available in New Orleans yet but you can buy it off of their website.

3) Freddie's Fabulous Hawaiian Coconut Pineapple Barbecue Sauce: I have a strange fascination with Hawaii. I lived there when I was younger but that doesn't explain my closet full of Hawaiian shirts and my love for fruity drinks with umbrellas. Try this sauce. It'll make you feel like you are there. Just for a second.


Well there you have it. As always these are just my recommendations. If you have some you enjoy please leave a comment. I'd love to hear what you guys and gals like to drink while grilling out or even sauces and marinades you like to use.


The Beer Buddha


Eric Ducote said...

I'm a big fan of blending the Stubb's spicy with the Stubb's original sauce for just the right kick.

Or mixing half and half Stubb's spicy with Sweet Baby Ray's.

TCombel said...

We can talk grillin' when you';re ready to make your own sauce.

The Beer Buddha said...


Uh, you act as if I don't make my own sauce nor know how to cook out. There is nothing wrong with commercial BBQ sauces when you don't have the time to make your own.