Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Product Review: Beer Savers

You ever have that moment where you're so eager to crack up that 750 ml of something awesome that you don't think about the fact that you can't finish it by yourself? And don't be that douche that says, "Oh I'm awesome and I can finish any beer you put in front me" cause that's bullshit. We've all been in this situation and we all have our ways of saving beers until the next day.

Most of us use wine or champagne paraphernalia which works pretty well. Vacuum pumps are usually the best in my opinion because it extracts the oxygen and reseals it with the rubber stopper. But unless you plan on saving beer often or drink wine spending $20 is just a bit much.

I was recently fortunate enough to be contacted by Christian Lavender of Beer Savers to demo his product. Beer Savers are silicone bottle caps that are designed to fit right on most sized beer bottles. They have many different uses for them from saving your beer to helping identify your beer when out on the town. They can even keep your bottles clean and sterile if you're a home brewer.

I went ahead and put the Beer Savers to the test by using one of my bottles of Southern Tier Iniquity and a bottle of Cigar City Big Sound Scotch Ale. I really wanted one beer that was big and boozy as I'm not so sure something weaker would hold up well under any circumstances but also wanted something hoppy to see how the hops hold up. I put the Beer Saver on the bottles and put it in my fridge overnight. When I took the caps off I was welcomed by an immediate hiss which was a good start. Both bottles tasted fine too. Success!

With the bottle of Iniquity I noticed something that I don't think I can really hold against the Beer Saver as it was really my fault but I accidentally shook up one of my bottles when I was walking around the yard and well....see for yourself.

As I said shaking up the bottle isn't smart but what you didn't see is it popped off the first time with little shaking. I just walked from my backdoor to the front yard and POW! the cap just popped off. My 4 year old daughter sure did get a kick out of it. The beer didn't.

Anyways, I dig this product. I wouldn't use it for saving beer because I usually don't save beer but I think this is cool for parties or home brewing for sure. A 6-pack costs $12.99 and a 12-pack costs $19.99. Go to the website and check them out today!


The Beer Buddha


Christy said...

Wow interesting idea. But you're right I probably wouldn't use this since at home I always finish beer or just split those larger bottles with my husband.

BTW great blog, I always read it even if I never comment.

The Beer Buddha said...

Thanks Christy!!!



TCombel said...

The vacuum pump type is a bad idea as the vacuum will likely lead to flat beer. You can use a port wine bottle cork or they sell wine stoppers that look just like a port wine cork (look at the T-top style).