Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book Review: Andy Crouch's Great American Craft Beer

I've never reviewed a book here on The Beer Buddha so be kind.  Usually I read horror novels and that's about it.  I do read beer books and such but more as a learning tool than for fun.  Recently though I was given an opportunity to review Andy Crouch's Great American Craft Beer

Feels really weird reviewing this book.  Who the hell am I to review this guys book?  It's like me critiquing how Drew Brees throws a pass or Fats Domino plays the piano.  Andy Crouch is like the American version of Michael Jackson in my opinion:  great knowledge about beer, great writer and someone I could learn a lot from.  Anyways here goes nothing.

First off the book needs a better title.  It should have honestly been called The Beer Geeks Bible or How To Be A Beer Geek.  This book lays out everything you need to know in order to be the perfect beer geek from history of beer, beer styles, tips on buying beer and storing beer, proper glassware, beer and food pairings and food made with beer recipes.

The really cool part of the book though is all the reviews.  He reviews beers that are fairly easy to get since it is an American craft beer book.  Many of the beers in the review section I've had or would like to get my hands on so it was nice to read.  I wish he had more Louisiana breweries but I think his access to Louisiana beers other than Abita is none so can't hold it against him!

Andy comes across as if he is in a casual conversation with you which I like. The book is very easy to read and extremely entertaining.  Many beer books I've read can get boring but this one doesn't and I attribute this to his writing style.  American craft beer is the future of beer and this book is your guide.


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