Thursday, July 29, 2010

Official Beer Buddha Tee Shirts at Cafe Press

Ok so I took the plunge and "designed" some official Beer Buddha t-shirts over at Cafe Press. I have to admit they look pretty cool. If you get a minute go over there and check them out. The one below on the right is by far my favorite one. Nothing better than supporting your local Louisiana brewery!

I think right now all the money goes straight to Cafe Press but I'm thinking if a profit is made off of these t-shirts the money will go to a project I'm working on called The New Orleans Craft Beer Project. It's something I'm working on to try and get a New Orleans Craft Beer Week, a New Orleans Beer Festival and some other craft beer/New Orleans events to the area.


The Beer Buddha


Drunk-Monkey said...

No Beer Buddha thongs? C'mon man, you are in New Orleans

Kodaq"s motorcycle world said...

Jeremy, If there is anything I can help you with please let me know. I have plenty of time to devote to the joys of life...Louisiana craft beers being a major joy in my life. So let me help ypu with these ideas and etc.

Kodaq"s motorcycle world said...

Love the green shirt BUT could we get the "writing" in purple? Then it would be a year round shirt :^)

Anonymous said...

Dude I love the green shirt. The white with purple kills it. White, purple, and gold is sooo over done. Is there anywhere I can get the one on this page^

The Beer Buddha said...

Huh. As far as I know you can make whatever color you want. I will look into it. Thanks!