Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Gambit's Top 50 Bars 2010

Once again Gambit Magazine has released their Top 50 Bars list. I know that this list has to be a difficult list to put together for those guys since there are like 5 bars for every resident in New Orleans. Ok, maybe not that many but there is a damn lot of bars here.

Anyways, my focus is always on the beer bars on this list and where they fall so I could give to craps about the other bars. Every year is usually a yawnfest for me with your typical bars like Cure and The Columns and beer bars like The Bulldog and Cooter Browns but this year the folks at Gambit have been paying more attention.

Last year Avenue Pub, who had just begun to change themselves into the world renowned beer bar they are, ranked "49 or 50" according to owner Polly Adler. This year they rank number 5. That's a huge jump so congrats to Avenue Pub!! As you'll see Cooter Browns and The Bulldog are 24 and 27. Ouch. Not even in the Top 20. d.b.a ranked number 14 which is pretty good since their beer selection is maybe a little better than my own stash in my beer fridge.

But take note beer writers from other states. Cooter Browns is NOT the best beer bar in New Orleans. The people have spoken. And take note Cooter Browns and The Bulldog. Pick up your game. This is just embarrassing. Oh and d.b.a please fix your beer list. There is no Medecino. It's Mendocino and they don't make Racer 5. Bear Republic does. If you're going to pretend to be a beer bar at least get it right.


The Beer Buddha

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well if got lot of money I'd visit all of that bars.