Friday, July 2, 2010

Avenue Pub Wednesday Night Tastings

This just in from Avenue Pub.

Shelton Brothers importers have just shipped in some rarities. These are European bottles from high end breweries that are really too expensive or too edgy to be sold in the Pub. To give you a crack at tasting them we have partnered with Cork & Bottle for the next two Wednesday tastings. We will work our way through some fabulous beer. If you discover that you love it you can RUN over to Cork & Bottle and buy them

Wednesday July 7th 7:30pm

Mikkeller has just released their series of beers based on 5 different yeasts commonly used in brewing. Just like they did with their single hop series this series give you the opportunity to explore the flavor profile of each different yeast because each base beer is brewed identically. only the yeast changes. I love trying these because later it allows me to recognize the ingredients in the beers I taste. Beer Buddha will be on hand to discuss these beers. price TBA( don't know how much the bottles are yet we will have the American, Belgian, Brett, Hefe, Lager.

Wednesday July 14th 7:30pm

Some very well received beers are on the menu.
Pannepot is on the BA top 100. I'll announce the price when I get the price on the beers.

De Molen Heaven & Hell

De Molen Bommen & Granaten

De Struise Pannepot

Mikkeller I Beat You

Mikkeller Tjekket Pilsner


The Beer Buddha

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