Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Panama City Beach Beer Spotlight: Hofbrau Beer Garden

As I've mentioned before there aren't many places to go in terms of beer bars here in the Florida Panhandle but I'm going to try and make the best of it. In my local travels I discovered a really great place to go and get some great German food and beer: the Hofbrau Beer Garden in Panama City Beach located at the Pier Park outdoor shopping complex.

Hofbrau(1589) is a state owned brewery that was built by Wilhelm V, the Duke of Bavaria(1579-1597). Apparently a thirsty bastard and fed up with the local beer he had to drink beer from a nearby town called Einbeck. He felt there had to be a better way so in 1589 he decided to build his own brewery. Obviously there is a huge history involved with a brewery that's been around since 1589 and I will not bore you with the details nor subject myself to all the typing so you can go to the website and read it for yourself. Anyways lucky for me they decided to build a bunch outside Germany and one was right here in PCB.

I was really happy with this place and I think that lagers really get a bad rap with beer geeks because of the whole macro lager association. The beer was great and the food was pretty good as well. Here is my official review:

Atmosphere- Looks like what I would think a German beer hall would look like. Pretty cool with communal seating(long tables where multiple people sit) and an outdoor seating area.

Food- Reasonably priced. I had the reuben and the wife had the burger. Both were good. My beer was $11 but size wise that's three beers.

Service- Waitress was great and she was walking around in a dirndle which makes me very happy. Something about those outfits man. Come on, hot chicks in a dirndl just works. I think I'm buying my wife one.

Quality- The beer was great. Hofbrau is a quality german lager. Lagers are underappreciated in my opinion and this one is great!

Overall- Look, not all of us are super rich jet setters that can go to Germany whenever we want. In fact, I don't know anyone that can just pick up and go and if I did they'd better take me with. Anyways, since we can't go there it's great to bring there to here. This place is a must visit for anyone coming to Panama City Beach.


The Beer Buddha


Adam said...

When it comes to German beers, I always prefer Lagers. Something clean and "finished" about them.

Beerbuddha said...


Man that Hofbrau was great for the hot day that it was. Very crisp and clean! Thanks for reading!



Good Burp said...

The Hofbrau Haus in Munich is my "happy place". I was there for 8 days, and drank (and sometimes even ate) there 7 of those days.

I do like the beer. I can buy in it Cali and bring it home with me. Otherwise, I have to make a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy the Litre size beer.

Have fun. Make it your happy place.