Monday, August 31, 2009

Heeeeeere's Buddha! I'm back!

So it's been awhile since my last post and for that I do apologize but really I'm the one who suffered here. I had to go almost 2 weeks without cable or internet! Imagine the horror! But anyways I am back!

So I'm sure many of you have a lot of questions. What's Florida like? Do you enjoy your new job? What's the beer culture like? Etc, etc, etc. I'll tell you, it appears I'm in some weird beery episode of The Twilight Zone. I just left a town with very little retail beer selection but with an incredible bar scene(especially beer bar with Avenue Pub)and entered a town with a nice retail beer selection but no good bar scene whatsoever. There is no beer bar from Destin(where I work) to Panama City Beach(where I live). There is McGuires and Mellow Mushroom and as far as I can tell that's it. I'm told there are some other potential places but when I ask people they just shake their heads and tell me there aren't any good beer bars other than what I just listed. As for beer retail shops their is Chan's Wine World, Chan's Wine World or...Chan's Wine World. No one has the selection that we carry. It's great really. I have a lot of freedom to expand on the already great selection. I have grand ideas with the section so we'll see what happens. The job is like Martin Wine Cellar but more laid back(t-shirts and shorts!)and way more freedom! Plus two beer festivals a year!! The best part is I can work on the ol blog more!

Well that's all for now. The job is great, living near the beach is awesome and for those with some cash, their is a golden opportunity to open a beer bar here in town. Plus, I can get Yuengling at the store bitches! I'm out!




Jacob said...


Dude, you live in Florida! That's crazy. I just read all about this stuff when I found your blog. My girlfriend and I started a website,, and we found your site while we were looking for people to tell about it. Send me your address ( and I'll send you some stickers and a PA beer or two!


Anonymous said...

J- Greg here the guy who posted on the snob's page and who pointed him toward dan at the pcb store. Destin is my home store as I live in niceville just on the other side of the mid bay bridge, but office in pcb so hit that store too. Dan in pcb has always taken good care of me but working with Jim the guy you are replacing was a drag. So I am looking forward to getting in soon. Do me a favor order some tommyknocker butthead bock from micro man for me. I move a case a week, give or take, but Jim always ran out on me. If it helps when I got here six year ago from breckenridge Colorado we had no beer bar or good retail. We owe the good selection at chans to ken. At last check he was running the outlet by the factory stores in San destin, but it's been awhile since I've been in there. One more place to check. Shades at the loop. Great bar at the east end on 30-a on 98 in inlet beach. Not an epic selection of beer but serria Nevada, 420, and jockomo from Abita on tap. The real value at this spot are the bar keeps good local guys that get it. Get in with Patrick and / or mark and you'll never need to ask for pour just tell 'em when to stop. Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood. G

The Beerbuddha said...


Great site!




I'm sorry that working with Jim was such a drag. Trust me, it won't be with me. In fact, I already have some Tommyknocker Butthead sitting on the shelf waiting for you. I've heard about Shades from Dan. I will make it a point to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised with Mellow Mushroom and will be posting a review here in the next couple days. I look forward to meeting you and talking beer!