Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey, Hey, Hey it's Black Albert!

It's coming to town folks!! All my hard work finally paid off(Read: All I did was ask for it and the distributor brought it in). 10 cases are coming to Louisiana and Martin Wine Cellar, thanks to yours truly, will be getting 7 cases. You'll be able to find these on shelves hopefully Tuesday November 18th. Martins will have them for $10/bottle. I have coordinated shipments to the Mandeville location and the Baton Rouge location so those of you living in those area should be able to find them there.


The Beerbuddha

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matthew said...

Hey that's from Lovell, ME. I go up there sometimes for work. It's only 1.5 hrs away. Never had it. I am gonna take a hint and get some.